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Colour, decoded



Pick a Colour!

Whether you’re a fashion brand trying to lure and connect to anaudienceor a political party trying to get votes and strengthen civilians’ trust, or going for a striking outfit – colors plays a visual representative in speaking for us, without us having to say a word.

According to Wikipedia, “the Psychology of colours in Marketing, color is an essential tool because it has an impact on how we think and behave.

Color directs our eye where to look, what to do, and how to interpret something. It puts content into context.”Colour is a fundamental phenomenon from everyday life.

In fashion,it brings a simple effectiveness and effervescence that plays an integral role in that it carries with it a psychological meaning to affect mass consciousness.

It’s worth acquainting yourself with a few fundamental reasons why one should choose a certain colour over the other in certain occasions or situations.

For example, black is a dark colour in fashion that represents sophistication, and it is ideal for evening outings such as black tie dinners or special occasions.

Moreover, it also has the appeal to create somber moods hence why it is used to mourn or in funerals.

White is a pure and next to cleanliness hue which symbolizes a perfect connotation. It is preference in weddings comes from this fact. Red is a striking colour that symbolizes intense emotionslike feistiness, warmth and passion.

It is mainly used by brands or organizations that want to convey a passion, leadership, will power and vibrance. A perfect example is the Christian Louboutin’s red soles which has been a timeless fashion.

My favoritecolour, yellow or mustard like the sun, gives off an optimistic energy and sheer happiness. When you want to give off a radiant streak or fresh energy, wear yellow! Blue is a warm colour that depicts trustworthiness, calmness and peace.

Moreover, light blue can be relaxing while dark blue can signify strength and reliability.

Purple is a colour ofgrandeur – sentimental and sophistication.

It symbolizes wealth and luxury, that is why it is fit for Queens like Queem Elizabeth.  Orange is bright, fun, friendly and playful.

It commands attention without being too overpowering.Without colour, fashion is nothing! Are there any other palettes you keep on rotationor are gravitating towards this season?


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