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Celeb edition with Mjamaica

Celeb edition with Mjamaica

With over 640, 000 followers on his Facebook page, 26-year-old Mjamaica’s short comic videos make the Thamage native one of the most watched individuals in Botswana.

With the country in desperate need of a laugh during these dark times, this week CELEB EDITION features the energetic comedian.

Q. You have gained quite the following in your short career to date. Which one moment do you look back at and feel most proud of?

The moment I cherish most has to be my partnership with Orange.

Getting to be on billboards was a huge highlight in my career; it is such a great feeling to literally see your face on a billboard!

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Q. What is the biggest audience you have reached with your work?

I made a video years back singing happy birthday to myself – that is still by far the most popular video looking at the views and reactions.

Also, not to forget my ever-popular Magnum video. It currently sits at 15 million views and counting!

I have about 16 videos that have reached an audience of millions of views.

Q. How have you taken advantage of the lockdown?

Spending time with family has to be one of the most precious things but I now have a lot of time to create and produce more content for my fans.

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So yeah, I have managed to do a lot of work over the past days.

Q. So, any imminent works your fans can look forward to?

There is a whole lot in store!

I prefer making less announcements and more moves.

More international work is on the way as I will be working with creatives from South Africa.

Q. Did you reach out to former Minister Bogolo Joy Kenewendo or was it the other way round?

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Well, we have both wanted to work together for a long time; we were waiting for the right moment to come.

She is a wonderful woman and not a bad actor (laughing). Mogagamola.

Q. Who is the last person you texted and what did you say?

I texted my manager asking him how far with the proposal that we were working on and negotiating with a client before the lockdown came.

Q. Have you ever made a bad joke and nobody laughed?

At times I can be put on the spot to crack a joke, and it normally turns out bad because I would have not rehearsed it.

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But because I’m known to be the guy that’s rich in humor the audience laughs and think I did on purpose when in actual fact I did not – basically I get away with it!

Q. What advice do you have for those interested in getting into the business of comedy?

The advice is short – go for it and keep your content clean if you want cooperates deals.

Q. What keeps you busy during lockdown?

Jogging around the house and keeping fit with my family.

I enjoy playing video games all day if I am not working.

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Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  1. As a funny guy, I also need funny people around to make me laugh
  2. I am a foodie. Ke rata dijo tota tota!
  3. I enjoy keeping fit. Health is wealth
  4. I like to keep to myself
  5. I am really quite shy, believe it or not!

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