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Artists to benefit from COVID-19 relief fund



With P70 million set aside for businesses and individuals who fall under the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture Development (MYSC), each professional artist will get P 2500 for three months.

This was announced by the minister Tumiso Rakgare this week when giving an update from his Ministry.

Rakgare noted that his Ministry was aware that the creative and music industry was one of the hard hit industries as a result of the global pandemic, COVID-19.

“What is of note is that festivals and exhibitions were some of the first to be affected. These are industries which involve gathering a group of people in one place and hence they were the first to be called off when the pandemic hit the world over,” Rakgare said.

Rakgare however warned of scammers and noted that they will have strict measures in place to ensure that the initiative benefits only those that are eligible. “If we establish that one has received what they should not have, they will face the full might of the law. Giving false information to government is a crime,” he said.

When giving a breakdown of how the relief will work, the Minister Rakgare explained that eligible artist will only be those who have registered with COSBOTS. “Professional artists will receive an allowance of P 2500 for three months, starting from April until June. For the back artists we have decided to give them P 1000 each for the three months as well,” Rakgare explained.



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