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Burnt to death



Burnt to death

Mysterious fire kills one, injures two

“Do you have a brother?”

“Can you even imagine what it feels like to hear your brother ‘s screams fade away into a faint cry by the minute until he is silent while you watch as he burns to death?”

These questions were asked by Bokhutlo Patshwane, a 32- year old traumatised woman who helplessly watched as her brother died in a mysterious fire on Monday morning.

Re-living the horrific incident, which will forever be etched in her memory, Phatshwane told of how she was the first person to wake up to the desperate screams of her 39-year-old brother, Keoikantse Patshwane.

“ My bedroom is directly adjacent to his house, so I was woken up by him calling out our names but I was afraid to go outside because I thought he was being attacked by thieves. However quickly gathered the strength to peep outside the window and the huge flame I saw coming from his house sent shivers down my spine,” said the visibly shaken sister, her voice breaking with emotion.

Burnt to death
Burnt House

The brother’s family, Bokhutlo said, had gone to sleep in peace on Sunday night with no sign that trouble and death were looming at 3 am when the fire broke out.

“ He was with his girlfriend and their seven –year- old son when they retired to bed,” the sister explained

The Voice travelled to the sleepy village of Kumakwane a few hours after the incident occurred and found scores of curious people gathered around the compound discussing the possible cause of the inferno, despite the extreme social distancing regulations.

Burnt to death

Another devastated younger sister, 34 -year -old Gofenyaone Patshwane spoke of how she was still numb with shock from the tragic demise of her brother.

“When I got out my brother’s girlfriend was outside the house rolling on the ground to put out the flames that had engulfed her. Their child was found burnt but alive hiding inside the wardrobe,” Gofenyaone said.

The girlfriend to the deceased was rushed to the hospital by one of the neighbours while the sisters tried in vain to put out the fire.

The distraught family said in their panic they only managed to call the police and not the fire department.

”Police arrived after a long time and rescued the seven – year old boy from the wardrobe and rushed him to the hospital where he is being treated for third degree burns,” Gofenyaone said

Thamaga Police station commander, Moses Kwarare confirmed the incident but refused to share details of what could have caused the fire.


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