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Francistown Mayor absolved of corruption



Francistown City Mayor, Godisang Radisigo, came under fire last week when it was revealed that he was among few business people who have won a tender to supply Covid-19 food baskets.

A renowned businessman in the second city, Radisigo came under attack from business owners across the country after Francistown City Council, which he heads, awarded his General Dealer trading under Lwange Investments to provide food baskets for residents of Newstance.

However Francistown Town Clerk, Lopang Pule, has absolved Radisigo of any wrong doing, stating that just like any businessman and politician he’s free to tender for the supply of Covid-19 food packages.

“Is there any legal instrument that bars the Mayor or any other politician from tendering? The answer is no,” said Pule in an interview with The Voice.

“It is a question of perception, and the reason the Mayor declared his interest was to deal with this issue of perception,” Pule said.

Pule referred The Voice to the Local Authorities Procurement and Asset Disposal Act (Chapter 41:11).

This act provide for the appointment of procuring and disposal committees in local authorities, the establishment of a competent authority to monitor procurement processes in local authorities and to provide for the procurement of works, supplies and services, for the disposal of public assets by local authorities and related matters.

The Act provides rules for public procurement and the disposal of public assets including land.

“The evaluation of tenders is undertaken by council official while the adjudication involves people from the private sector. The Mayor declared his interest, this include all other councilors and their spouses,” concluded Pule.


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