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Ghetto’s Fitness Factory re-opens



Francistown newly established gymnasium Fitness Factory has opened its doors once again following a month’s closure under government regulations due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The gym opened for business on Friday 22 May.

Fitness Factory situated at the new Tati River Mall began its operations on 6th January this year, but unfortunately had to close after the Covid-19 outbreak.

Manager Gogontle Sephikwe said they’ve satisfied all the Ministry of Health and Wellness requirements by disinfecting the space, and have been dully awarded the Certificate of Disinfecting and Extermination.

“Our mission is to encourage healthy living and propel each individual into a better and healthier lifestyle. Our aim is to bring fitness related services and programmes essential for one to build a state of complete, mental and physical well-being so that people can meet the demand of the environment even during unforeseen pandemics,” she said.


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