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Hungry residents are angry residents



COUNCILLOR: Boiki Sibisibi

Molepolole residents mount food protest 

Residents of Boswelakoko/Saint Paul ward in Molepolole North constituency yesterday mounted a protest outside their councillor’s home to demand Covid -19 food relief hampers.

About 30 hungry people who qualified for social welfare after an assessment last month complained that the waiting period has been too long and their families were now starving.

59-year Keamogetse Motlhabapitse who survives by temporary jobs and Ipelegeng Programme told this publication that although she was worried that she wasn’t able to pay herrent this month, it was hunger that kept her awake at night.

Another starving pensioner, 69-year-old Batsile Kebopetswe, who was part of the protestors also complained of hunger and imminent starvation.
“We only had one child who died. I am here today to ask for some food from our councillor. We are hungry, the social workers do not care about us,” said Kebopetswe.

The irate residents also berated their area member of parliament (MP) Oabile Regoeng for lying on television that the COVID 19 food relief programme was going smoothly when addressing parliament on Wednesday.

“We are very hurt about his words in parliament. He really showed us that he does not care about us and that he lacks responsibility. Where is he right now? He is nowhere to be found, and he is not even taking our calls. We can’t wait for 2024 to vote him out,” said a fuming resident, Cally Mosarwa.
IRATE: Boswelakoko/St Paul ward residents
Village Development Committee (VDC) member, Ido Masilo also told of how their MP had disappointed them after he had promised to talk to the council secretary, Goleba Kgari to speed up the food distribution process and never brought back feedback but decided not to pick their calls instead.

“I cant sleep. Day and night people knock at my door looking for food. As a VDC member I share what I have. Now I have taken the responsibility of a councillor and our councillor has taken the responsibility of an MP while our MP has gone absent.”
This Reporter also tried to contact the accused MP for comment and his phone rang unanswered.

Highlighting how the whole COVID-19 food distribution process was now in total shambles, Masilo said, “We are from the social workers at Kweneng District Council. At first they told us that they had lost or misplaced assesement forms but today they are saying something different.
They say some people who had previously qualified have turned out to be government employees while others had already been enrolled on the existing government destitute welfare programme. Its very confusing.”  

Boswelakoko Saint Paul Councillor, Boiki Sibisibi, confirmed that he had a list of about 100 people who were yet to be given food.
In an effort to disperse the protesters, Sibisibi called Assistant Council Secretary (ACS) Douglas Sesimanyana to come and assess the situation and take a list of names to be handed over to social workers to fast track the food programe. 

When approached for comment, Sesimanyana said, “ You journalists aren’t you tired of asking the same questions every day? If you want news go to the offices.” In the end the angry crowd reluctaltly dispersed after the councillor had fed them soft porridge.


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