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Vee’s testing surprise



Vee's testing surprise

Celebrated music star Vee Mampeezy is never one to shy away from sharing details of his personal life.

The pint-sized singer was at it again this week, taking to his WhatsApp stories to post an HIV home testing kit, which he says was bought by his wife.

The 36-year-old ‘Dumalana’ hit-maker added a cryptic message asking what his wife, Kagiso Sento was implying by buying the test kit for him.

Well, Shaya is all up for good health my 5 million views, but in this time of lockdown I wouldn’t want to think your wife suspects you of anything Vee.

I mean that little incident at that hotel is water under the bridge right?

Or you still maintain she never caught you with that girl after the other one alerted……

Anyway, you deny it so I will let that one go.


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