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Young rapper dreams of global glory



Young rapper dreams of global glory

Despite enduring a slow start to his career, upcoming Hip Hop talent Shine Tumagole harbours dreams of one day performing in-front of sold out arenas around the world.

Having dropped his debut single, ‘Out of the Blue’ exactly a year ago, the 19-year-old artist, who goes by the stage name Protocol Killic, is becoming increasingly frustrated at not receiving the opportunities he believes his talent deserves.

“People responded really well to the debut track. However, bookings have not been coming as line-ups in different shows never change. This is killing us as upcoming artists because we want to see ourselves out here showcasing our talent as well but we are not offered that platform!” griped the Mogoditshane native.

Whilst chances to perform live have been in short supply, Protocol Killic has not been idle, spending countless hours honing his craft in the studio.

He followed up his first release with two more 2019 singles: ‘Drip My Wrist’ and ’32 Revelations’ both boasting ‘dope’ beats and deep lyrics.

His latest work has seen him teaming up with close friend and childhood idol Apexxxx on a joint ten-track album titled ‘Apecxbain’. Released on 7 April, Protocol Killic feels the LP is his next step on the path to international stardom.

“Seeing myself performing in places such as South Africa would be a dream come true because I believe our local music industry does not benefit creatives at all!”

Reflecting on the past, the young rapper tells Voice Entertainment his love for music started in 2014, the product of an unlikely combination.

“My passion for music started from a very young age, where I used to play drums at church, this was followed by rap battles that I used to do with my friends,” recalls Protocol Killic, laughing wryly at the memory.

He now faces the biggest battle of all as he looks to carve out a living in the cut-throat world of music.


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