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A comedy of errors



A comedy of errors

Comedian blames rivals for car break-in

Local comedian, Penene Ponono’s brand new car was broken into this week and the youthful star has shocked the nation by his adamant allegations that the incident was not an ‘ordinary’ break-in but the work of rival rappers he is currently beefing with.

The comedian who boasts of a following of a little over 129 000 on Facebook has reported the matter to Gaborone West Police station.

He has told Voice Entertainment in an interview that he did not believe it was petty thieves who broke into his car.

“Whoever broke into the car did not take anything. I had about P500 loose change in the car and it was still there,” said the comedian.

A comedy of errors

“What kind of thieves are those who damage the windscreen of a car and not take anything from it? I have my suspicions. It is a brand new car so they must be jealous of the progress I have made with my career,” said the ever-controversial comedian.

Penene Ponono pointed an accusatory finger at another comedian, Motsetserepa and rapper Phologolo.

“I mean with Motsetserepa I have noted the indirect jabs but he never comes out to personally attack me. With Phologolo we had a violent altercation last December. He slapped me and I broke his mic,” said Penene Ponono.

Rapper, Phologolo is formerly known as Ntja confirmed the altercation but denied involvement in Ponono’s vehicle drama.

“I have been in Phikwe since the first lockdown. I have nothing to do with that. I saw the incident on social media yesterday (Monday) just like everyone else,” said Phologolo

“What I know is that him and I have a police case pending because he broke my mic worth P 3 900. I had booked him (Penene Ponono) for my annual gig in Phikwe last December and he came and misbehaved at the event. We had an altercation but I never hit him. He was being a nuisance and all I did was report to the Police because he purposely damaged my mic,” Phologolo born Ofilwe Kegakilwe, explained.


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