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Bridget Motsepe-Radebe responds to Afriforum



South African businesswoman, Bridget Motsepe-Radebe, has hit back at Afriforum after the organisation threw its weight behind Botswana government in a litigation case that implicates her.

Afriforum held a press conference this morning announcing it will assist Botswana in its criminal investigations into the looting of an alleged P100 billion from the government coffers.

Motsepe-Radebe has been fingered in the case where she is alleged to have been a co-signatory into some of the accounts that hosted the stolen money.

Motsepe-Radebe told The Voice Online this afternoon that it is unfortunate that AfriForum has decided to repeat baseless allegations which she demonstrated to be false, 6 months ago.

“I reserve my rights to take action against AfriForum and any other party who repeat such false allegations. I would welcome the South African government assisting the Botswanan government with its request for mutual assistance. These allegations are harmful to my reputation and to all the other citizens that have been referenced in the affidavit,” she further stated.

Motsepe-Radebe’s name cropped up in a case levelled against suspended spy, Welheminah Mphoeng Maswabi, codenamed Butterfly.

The case which continues this coming August is set to open a can of worms as it has also linked former Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS), Isaac Kgosi and former President, Ian Khama.

“The baseless allegations repeated by AfriForum are that I was a co-signatory of at least two bank accounts (one of which was an Absa and the other a Nedbank account) holding funds allegedly stolen from the Botswana government to finance a coup before Botswana’s national elections,” she said.

In the case Butterfly is accused of money laundering, financing terrorism as well as having unexplained passport documents.

“There is no truth to these allegations. I have never laundered money. I have denied these allegations since December last year on the basis of readily available evidence which has already been widely reported on in both South Africa and Botswana media,” Motsepe-Radebe said.


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