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Garogwe releases Sesame ke le nosi



Garogwe releases Sesame ke le nosi

Renowned Jazz Artist, Thabang Garogwe has released a 10-track album titled Sesame Ke le Nosi.

The 40-year-old singer, songwriter and a music producer officially released the album last week Wednesday.

The controversial Digawana born artist is known for his hit songs Kea Gana and Moratiwa Nkamogele Gotlhe le Makowa a Me.

His songs are mostly about humility and the beauty of love.

The album is sold at P150 and features songs like O Tsaya Kae Sebete, Re Baakanya Lefatshe, Ke Tshaba Lorato, and O Nketsang.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment, Garogwe said the main track, Sesame ke le nosi is about having a special person, who loves you with all her heart and appreciating it.

He said he started working on the album in 2017.

“I took long working on the album because timeless music demands that you should give it the respect of maturity. I only went to the studio to record when I had a song idea, melody, subject, and compositions. I took the time. It was challenging recording the album because I had no endorsement and sponsors and therefore doing it from my pocket,” he said.

The main message that runs across the album is love, both for self and for others.

” I have a beautiful person I am in love with and everyone has their own persons, so love is a beautiful thing,” said Garogwe

Concerning some of the sacrifices he had to make for the album recording to be possible, Garogwe said he had to go for 13 months without receiving royalties for his music.

“One would ask why I am still doing music but its because it is a calling. I was born for this and I know I have touched so many lives with my songs so, despite all the challenges I have experienced, I can never quit music. I have to continue pushing and I believe that coming from a beautiful country like Botswana I have stories to tell the world through music. As artists, we have the obligation to sell our country and overcome challenges. This has been a depressing year as shows and corporate events were canceled and we are struggling to make money through music but we will survive,” he added


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