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Looking for a happy needle in a haystack of gloom

Looking for a happy needle in a haystack of gloom
CHEERING: The little boy on the front page of a local newspaper

“Eeish! Another sad story from Zim,” responded The Voice’s sexy sub-editor, George Moore when I sent last’s week column, which was about the abduction and torture of opposition activists.

Certainly, there has been an endless stream of bad news gushing out of Zimbabwe as nothing cheerful seems to happen in this country.

I suppose the last time we were happy as a nation was in November 2017 when the late former President, Robert Mugabe was kicked out of power.

I remember the euphoria that erupted in Zimbabwe at the time. We thought our country would become a land of milk and honey; little did we know the milk and honey would soon turn sour!

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Fast forward to 2020 and the country’s economy is literally on its knees with inflation running close to 1, 000 percent – yes you read right, one thousand!

History is fast repeating itself. Basic goods are now beyond the reach of many and in short supply. Where available those selling are simple not interested in our worthless currency, they demand forex.

With such a harsh reality, it really is difficult to find something positive to write about. I have personally been hard hit by the economic situation and know what it means to be bankrupt, not because of poor management or bad business decisions or even any fault of my own, but because of the volatile economic situation.

I will not talk of the effects of Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown as that was just the final nail in an already waiting coffin.

But anyway, since I wanted to put a smile on my sub-editor’s face – and of course yours dear reader – I really tried my best to look for something heartwarming to include in this week’s column.

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One story that came to mind is that of a three-year-old boy who has been trending for days. The little lad became an overnight social media sensation after a video of him complaining to his father at having to eat too much sweet potatoes went viral.

In the video, the boy wanted a change of diet. He begged to at least have bread for one day instead of the sweet potatoes, which according to him had become too much for him to stomach.

Unbeknown to his parents, the video would change their lives for the best, as the toddler will not only get a loaf of bread for one day but will now be getting fresh bread everyday for the next 12 months!

Not only that, his breakfast will now be an English one as different food companies have come on board with pledges to freely supply the boy’s family with different types of foods ranging from sugar, eggs, sausages, tinned foods, spread for his bread, milk, cereals and yoghurts.

A gas company also offered to supply the family with 60kg gas every month for 12 months so that the mother has no reason not to cook for his son.

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Heartwarming story, isn’t? Even in the midst of our troubles these companies saw it fit to put a smile on this boy’s face and his parents who will for sometime not worry about where their next meal will come from. Hopefully this feel good story has put a smile on your face too ☺

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