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More donations for Lotsane Senior



The Lotsane Class of 1994 group on Saturday donated seven laptops and three printers to the school, at a brief ceremony graced by Palapye Member of Parliament, Onneetse Ramogapi.

The former students met with the school management last year the idea was formulated.

According to the group’s spokesperson, Kabelo Christian Mmusi, they had initially wanted to donate desks to the school but with the advent of Covid-19, they had to change their pledge to computers.

“After more consultations with Lotsane Senior Secondary School management, the former students decided to donate the laptops and printers which were now a priority for the school,” Mmusi said.

The group members then started contributing P100 monthly from June 2019, and this past weekend they handed over the laptops and printers worth P37 800.

When receiving the donation, the School Head- Dineo Gabete, said she was happy with the donation and thanked the Class of ’94 for their gesture.

“It is always great to see former students coming back to their former school to contribute to its development,”Gabete said.

She noted that they have had donations from other groups and that they appreciate every assistance from former students, no matter how small.

The former students have since pledged to work very closely with the school management to ensure that their commitment to improve the school’s image comes to fruition.

According to the group’s Chairman, Omponye Gababolokwe, the former students hold Whatsapp meetings since they are all over the country while some are abroad.

He said this has helped them come up with concrete strategies on how best to assist Lotsane School. “We pledge our support to Lotsane management and we will not stop until our former school has attained position 1 and the students continue to do well like us,” Gababolokwe said before handing over the donations to the school head.

Palapye Member of Parliament, Onneetse Ramogapi, said it was a heartwarming moment to see former students of Lotsane Senior continue to do well in their lives and then giving back to their school.

He encouraged those that have not yet started, to follow suit and assist their former school. “You need to understand that education is important to your brothers, sisters and children. When you commit to help school management in ensuring that education is not disrupted by the shortage of equipment you are building towards the attainment of the country’s Vision 2036,” he said.

When giving the closing remarks, the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) Chairperson Masego Seakane said they are proud to be associated with such responsible former students who want to see their school flourish into a great learning institution.


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