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Local artists pay tribute to Patricia Majalisa



Local musicians have spoken fondly of the departed Southern African Queen of Disco, Patricia Majalisa, who died this afternoon.

A member of the late Dan Tshanda’s group Dalom Kids, Majalisa, died today at a South African hospital.

Local disco star, Swagger Lady (Sarah Lesole), who was a friend and confidant to the departed Disco Queen told The Voice online that Majalisa’s death has robbed the continent of one of the best musicians.

“She was like a sister to me, and my best critic. In fact we were supposed to do a song together before Corona hit,” said Lesole.

The Shoshong born damsel, further revealed that Majalisa was admited at Princes Marina for two weeks, before being transferred to South Africa.

“Nobody knew she was here. I’m heart broken, we’ve lost a music icon,” she said.

Lesole’s friend Slizer (Naledi Kaisara) shared the same sentiments.

Kaisara hailed Majalisa as a disco queen whose music has influenced a lot of artists in Botswana and Southern Africa. “I learned a lot about her from my friend Swagger Lady. They used to talk a lot, and I later appreciated her music,” Kaisara said.

Local promoter Gilbert “PP” Seagile described Majalisa as a humble soul who never behaved like a celebrity. “She was an amazing human being. Despite her status, she was so down to earth,” Seagile said.

So down to earth was Majalisa, Seagile recalls, that she once accommodated him at her Johannesburg house. “She was extremely humble, that’s why Batswana loved her.”
“After the death of Dan Tshanda Majalisa was supposed to lead the disco movement, now she’s gone,” lamented Seagile.

Culture Spears front man, Kabelo Mogwe also waxed lyrical about Majalisa.
“She performed at my home village in Mmatshumu and she was such a joy to be around. Everyone at Culture Spears loved her. May the Majalisa family be comforted,” Mogwe said.


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