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My husband is insecure, possessive and jealous- Annah Mokgethi

Minister of Nationality Immigration & Gender Affairs, Annah Mokgethi, has confirmed that she has moved out of her matrimonial home.

The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Bonnington-North Member of Parliament says she left home two months ago following a tumultuous relationship with her husband, Aron Mokgethi.

The troubled Minister says she has since sought protection from Police Commissioner, Keabetswe Makgophe and President Masisi who have deployed security personnel at her residence.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice, The Minister revealed that her estranged husband was so insecure, possessive and jealous that he consistently accused her of cheating on him with Minister of Presidential Affairs, Kabo Morwaeng.

She said the abuse has been ongoing for a long time now and that the situation worsened after she became a minister.

“I remember before marriage there was a man who was training me at the gym and my husband accused me of having an affair with him. Whenever I go to a party rally, he would insist that we go together. There was a time when we went to Ramotswa for a rally and one of the members of parliament greeted me and when we later drove back home, he accused me of cheating. I hired a male administration officer who is almost my child’s age and suddenly I’m told he is my boyfriend. I was tired of being accused of sleeping around when I am so faithful to my husband,” she said.

The Minister said she has since applied for a restraining order at the High Court and and that when she moved out of the matrimonial home under police escort to avoid harassment by the husband.

She said Mokgethi also used to threaten to embarrass her by taking their family disputes to the media so people may know that the minister who is supposed to be promoting marriage is on separation.

During the last Members of Parliament retreat that was held in Kasane, the minister says, her husband accused her of sleeping with Minister Morwaeng.

She however admitted that she once had an affair with Morwaeng many years ago but that they have long broken up.

She said her husband even reported to the Speaker of the National Assembly and other MPs that she is cheating on him with her colleague.

When reached for a comment, Aron Mokgethi said this was a challenge that any couple can go through, noting that he was confident that he would amicably resolve their differences with his wife.


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