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Celeb edition with Lerofo



Celeb edition with Lerofo

From teenage talent to spiritual adult, Lerofo’s journey in the rap game has certainly been unique.

Having honed his craft as an unknown underground rapper, Lerofo shot to fame back in 2015 with his award-winning single ‘Rof around’.

Five years later and the 24-year-old has struggled to build on his earlier success, with critics highlighting his decision to part with the ‘Heartbeats Sounds’ label in 2016 as the moment his career stalled.

However, with the release of ‘Badimo’ causing quite a stir earlier this year, it appears the creative born Patriot Tlotlego Makele is ready to conquer the industry once again.

CELEB EDITION traveled to the sleepy village of Otse for a quick chat with the artist.

Q. How did your love for music come about?

Well, I think just like most of the cats out there, it was mostly through talent shows at school.

By then I was obviously performing other people’s songs.

I was then introduced to local artist Kgotla who helped record my first demo.

But I only got to release my very first commercial single in 2015 when I was with the then Loco Music record label.

Q. Speaking of Loco Music (now trading as Heartbeats Sounds) you decided to leave the label shortly after the release of ‘Rof around’ – why?

The contract they gave me I felt was one-sided.

You can imagine I had been under their record label for five years, recording without actually releasing music.

They said I was not ready for all those years; then when they finally decided I was ready the contract was not favorable to most of us.

I was the first to leave and then others followed.

Q. But ‘Rof around’ topped the chats and even won awards!

But I did not make any money from that!

The song was popular, yes.

It received massive recognition and won the best single award but that was just that.

It gave me exposure, yes, but I wasn’t making any money from that.

Q. Your career has been in hibernation in recent years, what was happening? Why have you not been releasing music?

I was still finding myself.

I was recollecting because I had lost myself.

I had been recording music since 2010 and I could not release it because apparently it belonged to someone else.

I tried to buy it but the prices were just too ridiculous.

I saw my whole work slipping through my hands just like that.

It can break a man. It did.

But I am back now!

Q. Indeed your single ‘Badimo’ is doing wonders.

I have received so much love from the song.

I dropped the single just a week before lockdown and the reception has been massive.

If it was not for the whole Covid-19 I would have released my album already but now it looks like that will have to wait until maybe the end of November.

Q. Exciting stuff! Now let’s talk beef, which MC would you rather not go up against?

Well, no one. I am good (laughs).

But I do believe SCAR is the greatest of his era, the era before us.

I like his writing.

Q. Do you believe feuds are necessary in the rap game?

Not really.

I for one have had bad blood with Press Beats, but that was how I left.

I am not one for beefs.

Q. Have you ever been in trouble with the law?

(Laughing) Many times, yoh!

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I am a producer
  • I don’t drink alcohol anymore – I have been clean for five years now
  • I am very spiritual. I actually reconnected with my spiritual side these last four years when I was ‘hibernating’ as you put it earlier
  • I am a sucker for love; I’m a long-term relationship type of guy
  • I stay away from the cameras

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