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Crowded beaches may take Maun back into lockdown



As the country grapples with the continued spread of a deadly corona virus, troubling signs are emerging in Maun that many people in that tourism town are not adhering to COVID-19 regulations.

Already red flags are being raised by the North West District Council leadership who pleaded on Monday with all forty seven councillors to talk to the electorates before the town turns into a COVID-19 epicentre.

“What is happening in Maun is of great concern and very disturbing. It has come to my attention and I am getting reports as your leader about shocking activities taking place especially in Maun, by our people. They crowd entertainment centres especially the beach in big numbers,” said the council chairperson, Kebareeditse Ntsogotlho.

Ntsogotlho was addressing a special full council meeting on Monday at Maun lodge.

Although it was a budget session, he noted that the crowding of people at the popular waterfront in Maun known as ‘the beach’ was a pressing matter that could not be allowed to pass without noting.

“The government is doing all it can to teach people about this virus and has put precautionary measures in place but people are violating the rules. I know we have to support local businesses, but let’s do so responsibly,” Ntsogotho noted before adding that, “I just can’t imagine what will happen to Maun if one person attends these parties at the beach and the virus spreads!”

So concerned is the leadership that even the District Commissioner, Keolopile Leipego, mentioned the matter at the same platform.

Leipego’s concern was that if the matter is allowed to spiral out of control then Maun may have to go back into lockdown. “The district cannot afford to go into another lockdown, that is why this needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.”

With the flooding of the Thamalakane river, there have been a lot of water activities in Maun, including boat cruising, fishing, picnicking and simply sight-seeing by the river banks.


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