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Its Terama time!



Its Terama time!

Seven months after he recorded it, Ray D Spear has finally dropped his third single, ‘Terama’.

Put together at Free Way Studios by Que Rap back in December, the track’s title is a Sembukushu term that means ‘month end’.

Unsurprisingly, as most of us associate that time of month with payday, the song is a feel-good, up-beat offering designed to get listeners in a party mood.

“My single is Trap music, more specifically known as Mbuku trap. ‘Terama’ is a party song that thrills the night crawlers hanging out with friends,” explained Ray D Spear.

As for the future, the young muso has big plans. “In the coming five years I want to be a big brand internationally and own my record label so I can sign up young stars,” he said.

RATING: 8/10


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