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Jess ain’t taking it easy!



Jess ain’t taking it easy!

Jessica Matsapa, aka Jess Easy, has a stern warning for her friends in her latest single ‘Eitah Daah’: stay away from her man!

“The message of the song is to warn friends who wanted to betray me by taking my boyfriend at a party,” explained the 29-year-old Tutume native, whose no-nonsense track will hit the streets today (31 July).

Recorded at Emjoe Records in Gaborone last month, the House Kwasa tune is Jess Easy’s second single.

Although raw, the song proves the young lady has the potential to emulate the success of her musical hero.

“My role model in the music industry is Charma Gal and she is the one who inspired me to get into music,” said the former Cisco B dancer (May his soul rest in peace).

RATING: 7/10


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