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Master Kg’s Dj Ngwazi goes solo



Master Kg’s Dj Ngwazi goes solo

It might not be common knowledge but South Africa’s IT man, Master KG’s right-hand man is a Botswana based deejay from Thamaga by the name DJ Ngwazi.

Ngwazi is now looking at making a real name for himself as he is set to release a solo project under his ‘Master’s’ stable.

But before he met the superstar artist, Dj Ngwazi had regular bookings at local bars and a prominent slot on RB2’s morning slot.

It was during the 2018 installment of the Gaborone International Music and Culture Week (GIMC) that their professional relationship really took off.

This week as they celebrate a viewership of a staggering 53 million on YouTube with Master KG clinching the number 42 spot on the best selling artist worldwide, DJ Ngwazi spoke to Voice Entertainment.

“I have been working with Master KG since 2018 when his single, ‘Skeleton’ was massive. The relationship really started off when he was booked to perform in Botswana and he did not have a deejay for his set, so he called me up to come and assist him,” DJ Ngwazi said.

Master Kg’s Dj Ngwazi goes solo

From the GIMC event, the deejay was quickly given a working contract by the “Jerusalem” hit maker.

“We have traveled the world together. But I will tell you this, the man’s first big break and hype were in Botswana. He (master KG) talks about it all the time.”

According to Dj Ngwazi Master KG is scheduled to release at least three albums by the end of the year starting off with a Jerusalem Deluxe Album, But whilst the megastar is busy basking in his stardom, Dj Ngwazi has something up his sleeve too.

The Deejay will release his own music marking the first entry under the music label.

“Master KG has been really pushing me to work on my own music and take advantage of the fact that he is a global superstar right now,” Dj Ngwazi said.

“The album will have about 10 songs in it and will be signed under his stable, Master KG music. We want to release singles before the actual album so by the end of August I will have two singles out in the market,” the superstar’s Deejay further confirmed.

According to the deejay working with a mega superstar can be taxing.

“He is a very busy man but we have a relationship outside work. There is massive respect between both of us and he has helped me grow more than I could have ever imagined. I am actually quite excited about the new music and my solo project. This does not mean I won’t be working with him still.”

Whilst the man will be looking for a big paycheck because of Master Kg’s fame, it remains to be seen if his own solo career will blossom like his master’s.


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