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“Wherever he goes, we will follow!”



Francistown West residents back Moswaane

On Tuesday, following weeks of speculation, Francistown West Member Of Parliament (MP), Ignatius Moswaane announced he was quitting the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) with immediate effect.

Addressing constituents at an emotional briefing in Bluetown, the 53-year-old explained he was leaving the party because he was ‘sick of the corruption’.

It brings an end to Moswaane’s affiliation with the ruling party, a fractured relationship dating back to 2002.

Having quit the party once before – in 2009 only to return months later – this time the former Francistown Mayor’s departure had a more permanent feel.

Although Moswaane has remained uncharacteristically reserved on where his political future lies, as The Voice’s CHRISTINAH MOTLHABANE discovered when she ventured into the heart of the constituency on Wednesday, the people have vowed to follow their MP wherever he goes.


I am going with Moswaane wherever he goes. The man has been representing me well in parliament so why should I remain with BDP when he has left? I am going to talk sense into those confused that they should follow our MP.

He helped a lot of people and not in Francistown only.

He spoke on behalf of Batswana; I just wish Batswana can see that it is important to follow the person not the party.


I do not have a problem with Moswaane resigning from BDP because I want him not the party.

So where he is going I assure him of my vote, I am with him.

Neo Thapelo

He has been treating us well for a long time so I don’t see the point of remaining behind when he leaves.

Even those who were in need, he made sure they got what they wanted.


In my life I have not heard anything wrong about my MP Moswaane.

I like him very much because of the good things he did for the people.

Celinah Manewe

I am still expecting a lot from him so why should I turn my back on a man of God?

I also do not like corruption – those in love with it will remain with BDP!


I heard yesterday that he had left the party but I will only decide whether to follow him after he states the party he is going to.

Tootini Israel

I have always been voting for him, even last year I voted for him.

I do not have a problem with the decision he took because the reasons for him resigning are understandable.

The man is fighting for Batswana and has been doing that for so long. So it is time……


The decision he took is the best since he is looking at how Batswana are struggling.

Sefhemo Kufigwa

He really values the lives of us ordinary people, so much that he even scarified his place with the ruling party.

So wherever he is going I am behind him with my everything! The man helps all.


Moswaane is trustworthy; he delivers what he promised people. Others go to parliament and forget about the voters.

When Moswaane is in parliament he fights really hard for Batswana, he tries by all means to make sure people are happy.

The decision he took is good and I wish all the Francistown West residents can follow the man.

He is doing all this for them.


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