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BCA’S dramatic AGM



BCA'S dramatic AGM

President and PRO gives a conflicting analysis

Botswana Cycling Association (BCA)’s President, Mmetla Masire, and the Public Relations Officer (PRO) Game Mompe have given conflicting views on the just ended virtual Annual General Meeting.

While Masire gave the AGM a thumbs up, Mompe told Voice Sport that the meeting did not proceed as planned as some members rejected the Treasurer’s report, arguing that it was only availed to them a day before the AGM in violation of the constitution.

According to the BCA Constitution under General Provisions on Annual General Meetings; the Secretary-General shall procure at least 20 days prior to the date of any AGM, copies of the notice of the meeting setting forth the date, time, and place of the meeting are sent to members at their registered address or by email.

Furthermore, within 10 days thereafter, i.e. circulation of the notice, the Secretary-General shall circulate the following documents; the executive Committee Report for that financial year, the audited financial statements for the financial year, and the proposed operating budget for the ensuing financial year.

Mompe lamented that the AGM was not as successful as they would have hoped.

“The AGM was not as smooth as we had expected because we received reports on Friday while the meeting was scheduled for Saturday, giving executive members little to no time to analyse them and add their input,” she said.

“We, however, have been given four weeks to look at these reports and add our inputs so that they can be ready for the next meeting,” said the BCA mouthpiece.

However, when contacted for comment, BCA President, Masire said they held a productive virtual AGM as most clubs, affiliates and executive members were in attendance.

“As usual we looked at the previous AGM minutes and matched them with what we agreed upon and mapped a way forth, ” he said.

Masire further said that the executive and the Treasurer’s reports were presented and read but issues arose with regard to the Treasurer’s report.

“All the reports were presented and read but treasurers report became a stumbling block as some of the executive members felt sidelined on some of the issues which I believe was caused by the impacts of Covid-19,” Masire said.

The president, further said there were questions asked about some of the equipment owned by the association such as bicycles and cones which are yet to be used.

“All the executive members who raised queries were given four weeks to iron out those issues and meet again,” Masire told Voice Sports.


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