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Celeb edition with Thinthee



Celeb edition with Thinthee

Youthful rapper Thinthee has made his mark in the music industry.

The 24-year-old first broke out into the industry back in 2015 with his hit single “gotlhe Kgosi”.

This week CELEB EDITION sits down with the rapper for this two-minute interview.

Q. How have you been keeping busy during the COVID-19 break?

I have been busy working on the final touches of my album, which was due to drop this year but with so much happening right now I decided to wait until this pandemic is over.

Q. Covid-19 has affected most industries especially entertainment, how would you say the pandemic has affected your career this year?

The pandemic really affected my career because I was not able to work during lockdown period.

I lost about 6 gigs and I wasn’t able to shoot some of my music videos, which required a few people to take part in.

When you release a music video during this time they charge you for not following COVID-19 rules but we are yet to receive a subsidy from Government.

We are hungry! We are about to lose it!

Q. Tell me about your new song.

MY New song is called Gase Toro, which features Lecoster.

The song simply talks about a young man who loved his woman but the biggest problem he had was dealing with the girl’s parents cause they believed since he had nothing he wouldn’t be able to be with their daughter.

Q. What is the one thing you do when no one is looking?

I write music.

I do that well when no one is looking.

Q. What bad habit have you picked up during the lockdown?

I never left my bed.

Literally was always just in bed.

Q. What other projects can your fans look out for?

More fresh music coming.

I probably won’t be releasing the album as I had planned but I will be releasing singles until the situation gets back to normal, if it ever will.

Q. Who is your celebrity crush?

Khumo Kgwaadira also known as MissGeekays

Q. Have you ever ridden at the back of a police Van?

NO! Definitely nope!

Q. If you were to be President for one day, what is the first thing you would do?

Put a bit of attention on the Arts Industry because they can also help in the country’s economy. Obvious is it not?

Q. If you had one superpower what would that be?


Q. Tell me five things people don’t know about you.

  • I put God first in everything.
  • I started off as a backup dancer before becoming a fully-fledged artist
  • I love my Family.
  • I never disappoint in the kitchen
  • I like interacting with people although I am quite shy

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