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Comedy duo team up



Comedy duo team up

Onkgopotse Mugende aka Mdala Ka Tje of ‘Ditori tse diserious’ fame has partnered with MC Tamabrown Batumi for a comedy show to be shot soon.

The duo boasts rich CVs when it comes to making people laugh.

Mdala Ka Tje has worked as a comedian MC while Tamabrown was part of the Tamabrown and Tamajasane crew that released a number of popular comedy DVDs.

Although the two were cagey with information, they confirmed to Big Weekend they are working on a project to be released soon.

“Let us not spoil it by revealing too many things but I can tell you that the wait will not be long,” teased Mdala Ka Tje.

Having moved to Gaborone last month, swapping Ghetto for Gabs in search of greener pastures, it seems Tamabrown’s time in the capital is already reaping rewards.


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