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Drama as cheating wife escapes through back window



After vehemently denying that he was having a love affair with a married woman recently, a Mmadinare man last week found himself at pains explaining the woman’s belongings found in his possession after she allegedly escaped through the back window when the husband arrived with a police escort.

Onalethata Kesolofetse, 38, recently made the news headlines when he denied accusations by Gomolemo Rankosha that he was wrecking his 11-year old marriage.

Without much evidence to prove his claim, the dejected Rankosha finally got his much needed proof as he was driving to the shops and saw his wife, Duduetsang Rankosha, opening the gate at Kesolofetse’s parents’ home.

Rankosha who is a teacher in Mmadinare says he then informed the police and requested to be escorted by the cops to fetch his wife from Kesolofetse’s house.

“I could not believe my eyes. On the same day I had gone to fetch my kids at Mahalapye where Duduetsang works and little did I know I was giving her the freedom to cheat. When I arrived at Kesolofetse’s house with the police he denied that Duduetsang was in the house. After refusing us access into his house, I forcefully opened his bedroom with a tyre lever. I found my wife’s bag, with her IDs and bank cards. She had escaped through the window and hid in the nearby bushes. After a few minutes she called and said she was hiding in the bush, I think she was feeling cold because it was drizzling. We found her wearing pyjamas and she confessed that she had been at Kesolofetse’s house,” said Rankosha.

The disgruntled Rankosha has since opened a marriage wrecking case against Kesolofetse which is scheduled for September 11th at the Mmadinare Customary Court.

He said last week, Duduetsang’s lawyer served him with divorce papers, but maintains he is not ready to drop the marriage wrecking case.

When reached for a comment Kesolofetse denied having an affair with Duduetsang.

He said he was too busy for petty talks and that he is happy with his 18-years of marriage and that his wife satisfies him.

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