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Feasibility study carried out on Tsabong Airfield



Feasibility study carried out on Tsabong Airfield

A feasibility study was carried out on a P 1.5 million airfield in Tsabong, Transport and Communications Minister, Thulaganyo Segokgo has said.

Segokgo was answering questions asked by Kgalagardi South Member of Parliament (MP), Sam Brooks in parliament this week.

Brooks wanted to know if Segokgo was aware of an airfield plot at Logaganeng South of Tsabong, which was allocated, to CAAB.

He also wanted to find out from the Minister the cost of the airfield and whether a feasibility study was carried out on the said airstrip.

In response, the Minister explained that the design of Tsabong airfield was a combined project with the design of Hukuntsi airfield, which was done at a cost of P1.5 million and was completed in 2011.

He further explained that a feasibility study was carried out as part of the design project that was completed in the same year.

Segokgo was also asked to explain the intention of the ministry regarding the plot, and the Minister told parliament that the government through CAAB has a plan for the relocation of the airfield.

“The relocation is due to limitations for future expansion of the airport at its current plot. The project could not be implemented due to the economic meltdown of 2010,” Segokgo explained.

He said that CAAB had submitted a proposal for funding under the National Development Plan (NDP) 11, but could not be funded due to financial constraints and other competing needs.

Segokgo said he was not aware of any conflict between the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development and CAAB regarding the plot where the Youth Ministry claims the plot was earmarked for the development of a stadium.

In fact, Segokgo said a request from the Ministry of Youth for the construction of a community sports field was received through a letter dated 8th August 2019.

“The request proposed two sites, both in the proximity of the existing Tsabong airstrip. One of them was the old stadium site which was found unsuitable as it encroached into the landing/departure flight paths of the existing airstrip,” said the Minister.

According to the Minister, the request was therefore declined by CAAB inspectors in terms of Civil Aviation (Aerodromes) Regulations, 2012.

“The other proposed location was cleared for construction of sports complex as proposed” revealed the Transport and Communications Minister, who is also an MP for Tlokweng


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