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King Calypso’s royal release



King Calypso’s royal release

Francistown-based King Calypso is using the age-old, tried-and-tested theme of love as the inspiration behind his latest single, ‘Kalanga Lady’.

It is the 32-year-old Dance Hall singer’s fourth single and could just be his best yet.

“The song is about a young man who is getting married to a Kalanga woman. Women of this tribe are well known for their hard work and loyalty. It is mainly a wedding song portraying that undying wedding mood,” he explained, adding that although the song was recorded late last year, it is set for release on October 30.

“I am currently adding some flavours on the track. I have my producer, the great man himself, Dr Tawanda working on this masterpiece. I also had an input from an inspiring young local producer, Jay Black,” concluded the multi-talented King Calypso, who works as a Graphic Designer and Film Producer when he’s not recording hits in the studio.

RATING: 9/10


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