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Stepping to ‘the count of two’



Stepping to 'the count of two'

Bobedi’s jazz-funk album spreads good vibes

Dynamic duo, Bobedi is the new group on the block to look out for.

The genre-bending collective consists of singer Kasto “Mouzai” Lejuta and producer Tswelelo “Tswex” Malabola.

Their 20- track -debut album ‘The Count of Two’ was released on May 1st 2020 across all digital stores as well as SoundCloud and YouTube.

The project provides an amazing fusion of soulful house and jazzy sounds from Tswex to tap your foot to while the smooth melodies of Mouzai take you on a ride and will have you humming along.

The duo is brought together by their musical chemistry and unity, which inspired them to merge their worlds together on this jazz-funk album.

“The sound is mainly comprised of funk, which is mainly feel-good music because we’re mostly about spreading good vibes or love to the people listening. It’s inspired mostly by our different backgrounds of RnB and House music,” Tswex explained

Being brand new on the scene can be intimidating when launching a new album, however, the reception appears to be positive, Mouzai said and went on to reveal that the reception to the album was very warm as people were surprised at how relaxed and soothing the vibes were, especially given the artists’ ages.

The main theme of the album was the concept of collaboration and cooperation, with a few songs dedicated to the usual shortfalls of both romantic and platonic relationships.

Bobedi has big plans to grow themselves into world-class performers and are determined to make their mark internationally while maintaining the originality of a Botswana music outfit.

“We wish to one day be able to have entire stage productions and perform our music to the world. We always prioritised making family-friendly music and also touching on themes like motivation and Inspiration that could touch more people in many different contexts,” stated Mouzai.

Tswex added, “We also want to be known well outside our borders because we feel our stuff is good enough and we make art like no other.”


Tswex and Mouzai have budding solo careers in their own right.

They plan on releasing their own separate projects before the turn of the year.

Tswex’s album is titled “Revolutions Per Minute” and is expected on 9th October.

Mouzai’s offering will be titled “Erato EP and will drop in November.

Speaking on her EP, Mouzai said it was going to feature a lot more collaborations and even more soothing sounds.

While Tswex’s album will be unreleased material from Bobedi’s album that follows similar themes.

With the new solo projects coming soon, it certainly does not spell the end of Bobedi.

According to Malabola, “The separate projects can never affect Bobedi because together we have different energy as compared to when we’re doing our separate things.” Mouzai chimed in, “The most important thing to us is self-expression,” he said.


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