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What goes around, comes back around

What goes around, comes back around

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has done many things to show that he is paranoid but had never openly spoken about a plot to unseat him until last weekend.

What is interesting though is that he was quick to remind his comrades that dethroning a leader ‘chosen’ by the masses is ungodly. It seems the man really has selective memory loss!

There surely is no need to remind him how he came into power. If they could remove the once larger than life character, Robert Mugabe, who is he not to suffer the same fate?

For Mnangagwa to openly speak about a plot to remove him, confirms what has been a talking point for sometime…there are serious divisions at the top and the very same military that played a key part in his ascension to power now regrets its role as the man has failed to deliver.

And now that it’s clear there is indeed something brewing, it could only be a matter of time before he is booted out. After all, history has a way of repeating itself.

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Certainly, there are some Mugabe loyalists in exile and even within the government and Zanu PF who still want revenge for what happened to the late former leader

According to the latter’s family, the former statesman died a bitter man for being betrayed by people he considered close to him. For this, some obviously feel Mnangagwa should pay for his deeds – and what better way for him to also be hounded out of the office and suffer the same humiliation?

The man has, however, dared his enemies, telling them to dream on about removing him from power. By the way, Mugabe also thought he was untouchable; no wonder he was defiant until the bitter end.

Addressing a Zanu PF gathering on Saturday, Mnangagwa warned that plans to topple him will be crushed as he was firmly in control of both the party and the government – eerily similar sentiments to those his late former boss used to make.

Anyway, we will be watching the space for more developments.

In other news, the economy has partly dollarized as some goods and services are now paid for in foreign currency.

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Long winding fuel queues have since disappeared as fuel is now being sold either in South African Rand or American Dollar. This means demand has been lowered as not everyone with a car has access to forex while those that do rarely fill up their tanks.

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