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Celeb edition with MC Theo



Celeb edition with MC Theo

Arguably one of the hottest MCs in the country, MC Theo was at the height of his powers when the Covid-19 wave came crashing down on the country.

However, the Molepolole native-born Motheo Kgoreletso – is cautiously optimistic as Botswana tentatively prepares to open up the industry again.

Q. How have you been keeping busy during the various lockdowns?

I haven’t been doing anything, to be honest.

I have been engaging in a few strategy meetings but it has been tough because our industry has been shut from the word go!

Q. Tough times indeed…

I have lost so many business opportunities, even events I had my eyes on across borders and couldn’t happen.

Luckily I had been saving money which really came in handy.

Q. And what plans did you have for growing your brand?

I was actually about to introduce MC Theo merchandise.

I had done all that there is in terms of planning for the launch but that had to be put on the halt of course.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen!

Q. So how would you advise Government to balance between preserving people’s lives whilst also catering for the entertainment industry?

It is a tough one, to be honest, but life has to go on.

Other industries and countries are moving passed the Covid-19 phase because the economy has to go on.

We need to learn to live with the virus but also open in phases, maybe.

What I think they would be right to do is at least up the numbers a bit, from 50 to 500 with a break every 3hrs.

Q. Tell us about the booking you have for this coming weekend?

I am so excited to be back.

This weekend, after eight months of nothing, I am booked at Oodi (Mmatsipa Garden’s) for ‘Everything Spring’.

There will only be 50 people inside but what can we do.

I am so happy to be doing what I love after such a long time.

Q. Now let’s get personnel – who is your celebrity crush?

My celebrity crush locally is Gaona Dintwe Tlhasana , definitely!

Q. If you were President for one day, what is the first thing you would do?

I would open the creative industry – obvious isn’t it!

Q. Who do you think is the hottest artist in Botswana right now?

DJ Bino. He produces very good music.

Q. If you were ever caught cheating, what is the first thing you would say?

Baby, I am sorry.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I am a very shy person
2. I am church boy. I play the drums at church
3. I love going out
4. I enjoy making new friends
5. I love reading


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