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Did BDP wars cost Tsosi a seat?



Did BDP wars cost Tsosi a seat?

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) elections were held over the weekend and, despite the one-sided result, proved to be a tightly-contested affair.

Shaya would like to congratulate Team Mclean Letwshiti for the victory.

However, news reaching Yours Truly is that what could have been a whitewash win for the team was hindered by Tsosi Magang’s affiliation.

News doing the rounds suggests the team’s ‘financier’ is a close and private ally to a top Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) politician.

Apparently, the said BDP member does not see eye-to-eye with Tsosi’s plus one and so there was no way he could let her win.

Eish, let’s keep politics out of sport please, there’s no room for such in the beautiful game!


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