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I am sorry

Serial rapist apologises to Batswana

Tlokweng serial rapist Oscar Chabaya has apologized to the victims, court, investigating officers, anyone who could have been somehow affected by his actions and the public at large.

Chabaya said this when appearing before Extension II Magistrate, Lentlhabetse Willie for mitigation this past Friday.

34-year-old Zimbabwean man, whose penis was apparently so big it could not fit inside a condom is said to have targeted young tertiary students, breaking into their homes at night to satisfy his sexual fantasies.

A man who described himself as ‘Devil 666’ has been found guilty of three counts of rape and one attempted rape during a month-long reign of terror in Tlokweng three years ago.

During his trial, the court heard that Chabaya boasted of being ‘good at sex’, promising his victims that after he raped them they would call him back ‘begging for more.’

The prosecutor told the court that one of the victims refused to testify before the court indicating that Oscar had sexually satisfied her and that all she needed from the police was his cellphone number.

Apart from apologizing to Batswana, Chabaya pleaded with the court to order that prosecution give him his three rings back. He said to have left the rings at one of the victims’ house two days before his arrest, on 24th April 2017.

The victim told the court that on the day he lost his rings, Chabaya had not wanted to use protection but she convinced him to do so.

She revealed she attempted to put the condom on Chabaya three times ‘but it would not fit his erect penis.

The young lady said Chabaya suggested it would be nice if ‘she were on top.’ When he lay on his back she went on top, which gave her roommate a chance to unlock the door, and she ran out and screamed for help.

Chabaya then followed suit, fleeing into the night with the ladies ‘cellphones forgetting his rings and boxer shorts.

“My Lord I plead with this honourable court to order the prosecution to give me back my rings. The rings give me powers. I used them to gain entry into the victims’ houses. One was left at the gate, one by the door while I enter the house with the third one. I used them as protection during the rape incidents. I am really sorry and apologise to the victims and Batswana,” said Chabaya

The prosecution told the court that the accused person has no previous convictions.

Responding to his plea, Magistrate Willie said the rings were going to be used as evidence before the court.

He ordered that the accused person be brought back to court on the 12th of October for sentencing.


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