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‘If I go to jail who will satisfy my wife?’




Desperate to avoid being sent to jail, a convicted rapist begged court for mercy, noting he will be unable to satisfy his wife’s sexual needs from a prison cell.

38-year-old Melusi Montsho, a teacher at Manuwe Primary School in Nkange, further said his wife is likely to stray from the matrimonial bedroom if he is locked up.

“I am a parent, I have children that I am taking care of. Also consider that the government took me to school so if I am to be taken to prison it will be a loss. I am a married man, my wife will be deprived of her conjugal rights and she may find other men if I am jailed,” pleaded Montsho.

His argument failed to impress Masunga Magistrates Court.

Indeed, the disgraced educator will have the next decade to discover if his fears are founded after he was sentenced to ten years in prison on Monday.

According to the charge sheet, on 11 July 2018, Montsho unlawfully had carnal knowledge of a then 22-year-old woman at Nkange village.

Unsuccessfully urging Magistrate, Segametsi Basinyi for leniency, the convicted rapist added that as well as his wife, he is likely to lose his job if handed a prison sentence.

“I also have people who are working for me so if I am to be taken to prison they will suffer as the country already has a high unemployment rate. I am also of ill health that I cannot get help in prison. And also I am a breadwinner with eight dependents. I’m also due for promotion at work and I plead with court to be lenient when passing sentence. And I was only convicted maybe because I failed to defend myself,” he closed.

Magistrate Basinyi then told court the accused is not a first offender as he was once charged with house breaking, theft and assault.

“He said he is a family man, breadwinner, of ill health and that he is employed so fears that he might lose his job. Offences of rape happen a lot in our jurisdiction and this is worrisome. The law states that a punishment on conviction attracts a minimum sentence of 10 years. We also have to consider the interest of the accused person, society and the law,” she ruled.

Montsho was sentenced to the mandatory 10-year jail term, backdated to the time of his initial imprisonment.

He was also advised of his right to appeal before the High Court in 14 days.

The incident is said to have happened when the victim had visited her aunt, who is also a teacher at Mabuwe Primary School.


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