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It will end in tears!



It will end in tears!

A few weeks back, Shaya wrote about Hip Hop artist, Bishop Marumo’s social media rants directed towards PP WA Pimp.

The war of words did not end there as a diss track has already been released.

Oh and a memo to the Bishop, why did you include The Voice logo on your sleeve when we had nothing to do with the track?

That’s not cool dude, consultation first!

Anyway, word doing the rounds is that the retired former Hip Hop artist, PP is planning to make a comeback just for Bishop.

Those close to him say he has been talking of dropping a diss track of his own ‘to discipline’ his rival.

However, knowing the two’s behaviour, nxu stru it will not end well.

One of the Hip Hop gurus must intervene and stop this madness before it spirals out of control.


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