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Moono Wa Baithuti headed for collapse



Moono Wa Baithuti, a University of Botswana student movement affiliated to the Umbrella for Democratic Change known, is teetering on the brink of collapse amid internal bickering and overtones of capture and sabotage.

The Botswana National Front’s Mass group is accusing their partners in the coalition, the UBCD- BCP of working with the GS26 (Botswana Democratic Party’s group) behind their back.

In their statement sent to this publication, the group said that they intended to approach UB- Progressives ( Alliance for Progressive group) for further working relationships over their coalition partners.

“We must hasten to mention that the greater cause of this sorry state of affairs is the UBCD-BCP SRC caucus decision to get into bed with the BDP and the BDP SRC President to the detriment of the Moono wa Baithuti agenda within the student council. The decision of the UBCD to align themselves with the BDP and make an enemy out of the MASS-BNF, its alliance partner, is shocking and uncharacteristic of a partner that deals in good faith. We must put it on record that the UBCD has deliberately rendered itself direct opposition to the MASS-BNF, they have completely ignored our collective responsibility to the Moono wa Baithuti project and are now doing the bidding for the BDP.”

The Mass Executive Committee mentioned that they have it in good authority that UBCD-BCP SRC caucus has met several times with BDP top brass to discuss and strategize around the newly formed partnership.

They said that the move shows through their recent actions of sabotaging the appointment of a student judiciary, their protection of the incompetence SRC President among many other treacherous deeds.

“The students have as a result continued to suffer because of incompetence of this UBCD and GS26 bromance. Our efforts to engage the leadership of the UBCD on this matter has proved futile and they have done nothing to reign in their members which can only lead to the assumption that this is the position of the organization.”

They said that they will not continue working with the UBCD-BCP going into the future as they have veered off the ideals that brought them together before.

However, former UBSRC President, Amogelang Mokwena who is a member of UBCD- BCP confirmed the latest developments which he says came as a shock to them.

He said that there was no way they could work with BDP as they use the same model as their mother body, the UDC.

“This is surprising because we all know that our enemy is the BDP and these outbursts call for serious intervention.”

Mokwena said what was happening was an indication of lust for power by their counterparts.

He explained that the accusations were not new as they once complained of some individuals with false allegations. “I suspect outside forces to be behind this,” he added.

Moono Wa Baithuti comprises of 12 members in the UB Council, with six from each of the coalition partners while BDP has only one member who is the UBSRC President.


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