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Murdered GBV victim laid to rest



Brutal murder shocks Ghetto

Slain Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) activist, Gape Nakisani Tanjo, was laid to rest this morning at her home village- Tutume, amid scenes of anguish and disappointment.

Tanjo was brutally murdered by her boyfriend, Baitseng Moikothai, who later committed suicide.

This week, scores of friends, well-wishers and the general public gathered at Block 1 recreation park to pay tribute to the fallen heroine that Tanjo had become.

An influential figure, community activist and a sports volunteer, the 36-year-old Tanjo had touched many lives in different ways and as eulogies poured in at the memorial service, speaker after speaker told of how they have lost a heroine who had ironically championed the campaign against gender based violence in her community.

One of her friends, Biggie Tshiamonyana, said Tanjo was a loyal servant of the BDP who had contact details of all political leaders including members of Cabinet and the President.

“I’ve also managed to have those contacts courtesy of her. I remember I even went to the State House where I met the President and chatted like we were in the streets, and all this was through her assistance,” said Tshiamonyana.

“She was a password to almost everything. I’ve gone to places I’d never go to on my own, but with her on my side, I always felt safe because she was a peoples person,” he said.

Patron of Mingles Tarven Snooker Club Mokgethi Poloko, described Tanjo as a selfless human being who was instrumental in some of the initiatives in Block 1.

“She encouraged me to form this snooker club and pledged her undying support, a promise she kept until her dying day,” he said.

Poloko said the late Tanjo, brought her boyfriend who was also a talented snooker player to the club.

“One of her wishes was for the club to engage in community-based projects. She wanted the club to donate to Phase VI Primary and this is something we intend to honour,” Poloko said.

Sports Volunteer Movement (SVM) Secretary-General Moses Cairo Poloko described the deceased as a cheerful human being who could light up any dull moment.

“She was a hardworking volunteer who took part in all the sports activities in Botswana and left a lasting impression on many of the foreign athletes we hosted,” Poloko said.

Specially Elected Councillor Modiri Jojo Lucas said after the realisation that many people would not be able to be allowed inside the Civic Centre for the official memorial service a plan was hatched to host another one in Block 1 where many of her friends would be able to pay their respects.


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