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Police arrest suspect in Kumakwane cash heist



A police operation has swooped on a suspect in yesterday’s (Tuesday) cash-in-transit heist that took place in Kumakwane.

The suspect, a 45-year-old man of Taung near Ramotswa, is believed to have been part of a gang of six heavily armed men who robbed a Security Systems cash van of an undisclosed amount of money amid dramatic scenes in the day-light heist.

The incident sparked a massive police hunt and by late afternoon deployed resources which included trackers and the air-wing led to the arrest of one of the suspects.

Officer Commanding for No11 District, Senior Superintendent Modise Gabatshwane, confirmed this afternoon that the suspect was found in possession of large sums of cash.

“Yes I can confirm that there was an armed robbery in Kumakwane yesterday in which there was shooting. No one was injured in the incident. So far we have arrested a man near Ramotswa who was in possession of cash, for which origin we are still trying to establish” he said.

Although he was reluctant to disclose any further details of the incident, Senior Superintendent Gabatshwane was confident that the arrest would help them narrow their investigations into the heist.

A Security Systems van transporting cash from Gaborone to Gantsi was shot at and held up by six men just as it entered the village at a speed hump.

One of the security guards said that trouble started as soon as they exited Gabane when they nearly hit what looked like a spike along the road.

He said that they were then followed by a white Ford Ranger whose occupants opened fire on them as soon as they entered Kumakwane.



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