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Students on the frontline

Francistown youth take Covid-19 head on



A group of students from EU PIC-Tutorial, a company founded by two enterprising Francistowners, Lawrence Khuwa and Vincent Sebele, have taken a leading role in the fight against the spread of Covid-19.

After the suspension of the school calendar at the beginning of the first lockdown, they ensured that learning was not disrupted by promoting distance learning through videos, audios, and through the use of indigenous languages.

Some of the students who benefited from this initiative have formed a club called Students for Voluntary in Fight Against Covid-19.

According to the club’s Public Relations Officer Kempho Sokwe,19, they formed the club out of concern for themselves and their colleagues. “There were so many challenges we faced and at one point we were wondering whether we’d be able to achieve our goals as students,” she said.

According to the club Secretary, 19-year-old Abigail Melemo, they then set themselves seven objectives, key amongst them being to create a platform for students to voice out their concerns and questions on Covid-19.

“We realised that many students didn’t know much about the virus and were relying on the half-truths they picked on social media,” she said.

Melemo said they also encouraged fellow students to abide by the Covid-19 protocols. “This was also meant to support the affected and the infected. We had colleagues from Francistown Senior Secondary School who we supported when they were on quarantine,” she said.

The club’s mandate also involves giving students facts about Covid-19 through the use of a WhatsApp group they recently created. “There’s a lot of misinformation on social media, so what we do is provide verified facts from the World Health Organisation (WHO) page,” she said.

Other objectives include encouraging students to use their abilities to fight Covid-19, engaging students in activities that would help them curb the spread of the virus, and also attract more young people to join and be at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19.

The club is currently in the process of donating 200 masks to Phatsimo Primary School in Francistown, a project made possible through P10 donations by students.

The other members of the club’s executive committee include Wame Segaetsho (Project Manager) and Kwendzimu Gaboiphiwe (Finance).

In his remarks, Khuwa said they were happy with the impact made by their students since the formation of the club.

He said it is by luck that their students have not contracted the virus, and a testament that their message has reached their intended target.

“As the management of EU PIC Tutorial, we’re really proud of them. It makes our task easier. We also realised that across the country, students were left out in Public Health Education and we feel they are the right people to lead the battle against Covid-19 in schools,” said Khuwa, adding that their main responsibility is to ensure that the club’s many engagements do not get in the way of their students’ academic responsibilities.


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