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There’s no way Nchindo is alive- Ex-cop

First cop on the scene relives traumatic memories of Nchindo’s death



In 2010 the former head of Debswana Louis Goodwill Nchindo’s mutilated body was found at Masedi farms in Pandamatenga, four days after his disappearance.

A decade later, the larger than life character who was credited with shaping Botswana’s diamond mining and indeed politics still dominates public discourse; thanks to the many conspiracy theories.

One such theory that has been peddled repeatedly on social media is that Nchindo had an identity change, and is currently living under a new name in Russia.

However, a former police officer who was first on the scene on that fateful February 11th afternoon is adamant that Nchindo is no more.

Former Pandamatenga Police Sergeant Brown Katuuo has told The Voice in an exclusive interview that he was the one who attended to the scene and the one who took the body to the hospital.

“I received a call from Kasane Police around 5pm and was ordered to go and identify a car that was spotted in the farms in Pandamatenga,” he said.

Katuuo said, together with a Special Constable they left on a LandCruiser relying on directions communicated through the phone from Kasane.

“About 11km into the farms, we spotted a white Hilux underneath Mophane trees. The doors were locked and we immediately sent the registration number to Kasane for positive identification,” he said.

The former police officer said as it was already late, they were ordered not to leave the scene but continue with the search the next day.

He told The Voice that the next morning they followed footprints from the car, up to an anthill where they found an empty cartridge, a gun, blood spatter, an Identity Card and Drivers Licence all bearing Louis Goodwill Nchindo’s names.

“There were bone fragments which we collected into a plastic bag and followed what appeared to be drag marks. We found an Adidas left sneaker and then intestines,” he said.

Katuuo said not far away from where they found the left shoe, they found the body with half the leg and arm missing.

“Almost half of the torso was missing. For some reason the nation is under the impression that only the head was missing and this is why we have so many conspiracy theories,” said Katuuo.

“I was on the scene and I know what I saw. If you blow your head with a Russian automatic gun, there’d be no head left to be seen. What I can’t confirm is whether part of the body was eaten by lions or not. It could be any other animal,” he said.

Katuuo says the sight of the mutilated body has tormented him for many years, and each time he comes across a social media post about Nchindo being alive and living in Russia, he gets flashbacks.

He however could not tell The Voice why he’s no longer a Police officer, save to say, “I was being harassed.”

Assistant Commissioner Dipheko Motube could also not shed any light on why Katuuo is no longer with BPS. “We do not discuss administrative issues involving our officers with the media,” Motube said.

Nchindo’s death has been a source of intrigue for many years. His family, known for leading a private life had long asked for time and privacy to deal with their loss in a statement released by Nchindo’s daughter Nicole.

Nchindo served as Managing Director of Debswana Diamond Co. from 1998 to 2007. He died aged 69.




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