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Who beheaded Milo?



Who beheaded Milo?

Monna o motona mourns murdered cat

Used to making people laugh, popular comedian Monna O Motona desperately needs cheering up himself following the brutal murder of his cat, Milo.

Boasting over 300, 000 Facebook followers, the local funnyman – born Onkagetse Mbulawa – features the feline in all his videos.

However, speaking to Voice Entertainment this week, the 29-year-old confirmed Milo was no more, butchered in barbaric fashion.

“I have been away from home for a month now and I have been told my cat has been butchered. What is hurtful is that this is not the first time, the first Milo was killed in the same way. They cut off the head and left the rest of the body. This is a repeat of 2016 when the original Milo was killed in the same manner!”

The comedian took to Facebook on Tuesday to announce his cat’s passing.

“It is with great sadness to announce the death of one of the most valued creative artist in Botswana, actor, model and comedian Milo the cat. I received the sad news while I was away on my hustle in Bobirwa district that Milo was murdered. When I started comedy in 2017 I shot my first video with Milo. Milo has featured in over 70 videos uploaded in this very page, Milo was the brain behind this brand of ‘Monna o Motona’, you will notice that in this page profile photos. Milo was featured in 5 newspapers and 2019 Kutlwano Magazine, Milo was a star, we are nominated for this year 2020 at BW’s People’s Choice Awards for ‘Best Socialite” category. I wish I could say more but…… I am hurt my best friend is gone.”

Asked who could have killed his six-year-old cat, Monna O Motona admits he has no idea.

“I have been told cats are used for powers. I believe it because they removed the head and left the rest of the body-twice. They use that for powers.”

Milo’s demise is not the end for the cat’s dynasty, however, as Monna O Motona revealed the feline left behind a kitten.

“I have been training baby Milo and connecting with her. She takes over the baton and the comedy will go on. I am however still traumatized by what has happened to my cats!”


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