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25 years in jail for murder




Francistown High Court last week sentenced a former employee at BCL to 25 years in jail for the murder of his girlfriend.

According to the court papers, Khumoetsile Mantswe stabbed Masedi Tshime with a knife to death on December 30, 2016 at Lesenepole village in front of their two children.

The murderer borrowed his friend’s car under the pretext that he was going to visit his children and drove from Phikwe to Lesenepole to kill his baby mama.

Armed with an Okapi knife he entered the yard from the back. When she saw him, the frightened woman bolted but he chased her, caught her and stabbed her to death.

He pleaded guilty to the charge.

Before sentencing him, Justice Bengbame Sechele noted that the accused was a first offender and that he had pleaded guilty, which is sign of remorse.

“The court took into account that the accused was young (31 years) at the time he committed the offence and was influenced by youthful exuberance. He cooperated with law enforcement agencies throughout the trial and he also abided by all his bail conditions,” said Justice Sechele.

The Judge added that the court had considered the interest of all parties involved in the matter to pass an appropriate sentence.

He also stated that gender based violence cases, especially those committed against women and children were currently growing in a frightening rate in Botswana.

“I sentence the accused to 25 years in jail, which period shall reckon from the time he was incarcerated. The accused is advised of his right to appeal at the Court of Appeal six weeks from now,” Justice Sechele said in closing.


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