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Afro Pop star, Lizibo speaks to celeb edition



Afro Pop star, Lizibo speaks to celeb edition

Afro Pop star, Lizibo, is a mainstay in the music industry, first hitting the high notes as a teenager with KTM Choir back in 2001.

The 34-year-old Afro-Pop star popularly known for the ‘Mosadi’ hit, went solo in 2013 and has remained a constant ever since.

How has the pandemic affected your plans?

Covid-19 has affected a lot of my plans; biggest of all is my third album release, which was to be this year December but now that seems unlikely.

It has also changed my one-man live show, which was to be staged on my birthday on 14th December in Zwenshambe village.

So how have you adapted to the new normal?

I have certainly started adapting to the new normal, especially my online presence because it is the only safe place to advertise your products and services.

In the absence of bookings, I have also increased my skill set to corporate adverts, theme song composition.

Do you believe famous people/celebrities use ‘powers’ to maintain their status?

I don’t think they need powers in my view because if they did then it means they are not gifted hence they need powers.

I see this as a life-changing career.

You mentioned your plans to release an album in December were ruined by Covid-19. Can fans expect any new music from you before the end of the year?

I am just about to give the people some nice trendy music, so be on the lookout for a banging new single, ‘Surname Yame’ which is the second track on the upcoming album, ‘JAGA’.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Definitely, Tracy Disang Chaba!

What have you been doing to keep busy during the lockdowns?

I have been learning new tricks of production as I have a studio setup of my own.

I’ve also been learning social media tricks, which will help me to connect with fellow music makers across the globe.

I pride myself in enjoying learning!

How would you advise Government to address the industry’s cries created by the Covid-19 restrictions?

I think our government needs to help more with platforms to help creatives keep sane.

An idle mind is not a good one!

The Minister of MYSC could also help the industry open with regulations in place to allow some cash flow.

He should allow a number [the audience] a little higher than 50 because Batswana already know the danger posed by Covid-19 and what they need to do.

Who is the lucky lady in your life?

Allow me not to answer!

What is the most expensive item of clothing you own?

The most expensive item is probably my Gucci blazer.

Accessory wise, I own a pair of Dita eyewear.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I am a sucker for good food
2. I wash my own clothes and iron them
3. I love cooking
4. I was once a part of the cast and crew of a musical that H.E was in
5. I speak six languages


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