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Motsetserepa’s dodgy behaviour exposed



Motsetserepa’s dodgy behaviour exposed

The popular comedian who is followed by over a million people on social media has been exposed for his ill behavior.

William KRD popularly known as Motsetserepa has been called out by a South African Youtuber who had booked him for a gig back in October 2019.

Motsetserepa was scheduled to feature at a comedy festival dubbed Elaneng Jovial comedy show which was hosted at the Limpopo University.

According to the South Africans, the local comedian was paid R4500 for the event but didn’t up.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment this week the event organizer Legadimana Maisela also known as Sir Jovial spoke of Motsetserepa’s dodgy behaviour.

“He was not picking our calls on the day and he eventually did not turn up. A day later he told me to leave him alone when I enquired about why he did not come to our event even though we had paid him. He then went on to block me from all of his socials,” the event organizer claimed.

Sir Jovial also said he had been tried to reach Motsetserepa for a refund but he has been hitting a brick wall.

Whilst he turned down a request to comment on the matter when reached by Voice Entertainment, we are in possession of an alleged WhatsApp message in which Motsetserepa admits to the allegations.

The message reads in part; “I would like to take this time to apologize for my unprofessionalism. I know apologizing is not going to solve anything unless I pay you once, some of my fans from Limpopo are so mad at me for my action and I am really really sorry my king..”


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