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The golden boys collaborate with Vanessa Nkele



The golden boys collaborate with Vanessa Nkele

Having made their name as dancers, Tefo Bome and Thabo Matlhabaphiri have teamed-up with Vanessa Nkele on an Amapiano hit called, ‘Ka Moshapa.’

Trading as Plus 267 Golden Boys, the group gained popularity as South African star, Master KG’s backing dancers.

Speaking to Big Weekend, Bome explained that after the Covid-19 lockdown forced them to return to Bots, they decided to use the free time to release a single.

Recorded at OPM Studios in Kanye, the song’s beats and vocals are well balanced and suggests Plus 267 Golden Boys has plenty of potentials.

However, they need to find their own identity as they sound very similar to countless other groups, especially from South Africa.

RATING: 6/10


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