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Unmasking the Kasane underground lyricist



Unmasking the Kasane underground lyricist

Mention the name Tay Boz at any local hip-hop gig; chances are very few people will turn their heads.

To real hip-hop heads though, the 26- year old Mogomotsi Moshongo from Kasane is the real deal.

Gifted with a flow and lyricism that very few can match, it’s a surprise that Tay Boz isn’t already a household name.

The young rapper has three albums, two Mixtapes and an EP under his belt and has worked with some of the best in the industry including A.T.I, D-Funk, HT and Amantle Brown.

Tay Boz has released one project for five consecutive years since 2015, making him one of the hardest working artists locally.

“The biggest challenge for an artist based in Chobe is that there isn’t a single radio station here and private media is none existent, so the first challenge for us is recognition. I’ve to travel all the way to Gaborone to hand in my music, so being at the nose of the country is working against us,” responded Tay Boz on why his music is not playing on local radio stations.

The young and gifted rapper said luckily for him he’s an outspoken person who’s not afraid to reach out to other rappers in the capital city.

“I’ve managed to get interviews on Yarona FM and RB2 because I try my best to get my craft out there. I’m however the first to admit that it is tough being an artist in Chobe. It even got worse during the many lockdowns,” he said.

“Even before the Covid-19 outbreak. Kasane artists never make it into the line up of the many big festivals hosted here. It’s something that needs to change,” he said.

Growing up in Kachikau, Tay Boz used to listen to Busta Rhymes and Tech N9ne who had so much influence in his rap flow. He’s arguably one of the fasted rappers in the country.

“I spit fast, probably because of Busta’s influence. But spitting fast is just a flow, what is important are the lyrics. I’m a conscious rapper and my biggest influence has been J-Cole and the late Mac Miller,” he told The Voice.

The songwriter, producer and owner of an upcoming label #Music said locally he looks up to the likes of A.T.I and HT.

“They inspire me a lot because I’m in touch with them and they are living a life I can relate to,” he said.

The Kasane lyricist broke into the scene in 2015 with his first recording, an Extended Play (EP) titled The Storm.

The following year he released Road 2 Greatness EP, followed by High 5 Mixtape in 2017.

“In 2018 I recorded my very first album, Long Story and in 2019 I recorded All or nothing, followed by a latest 2020 album titled A Gift and a Curse,” revealed Tay Boz.

“It’s a title that any artist can relate to, because what happens is that you have a gift, you embrace it and other people are cheering you out there, but behind closed doors, it’s not going well,” he said.

The “Ruthless” hitmaker said artists go through a lot of stress as they have their own doubts about making it and anxiety due to pressure from family members and society.

“Talent is a beautiful thing to have, but it can be a gift and a curse all in one,” he said.

In typical Tay fashion, he’s already putting finishing touches to another project titled, ‘The Circle,’ to be released early next year.

“Together with El Serv, we’ve been working on the project since last year, but after the outbreak of Covid-19 I was holed up here in Kasane and focused on “A gift and a Curse” album. Now that I’m done we are back on what we started last year and don’t be surprised if it drops at the end of the year,” he added with a chuckle.


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