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Woman survives elephant attack



A 37-year-old woman of Tsutsubega settlement outside Maun, escaped death by a whisker last week after an elephant attack.

The woman had allegedly stormed through the bush that morning after quarreling with her younger sister and was thrown into the thicket by an angry elephant, sustaining body injuries and a fractured leg.

Confirming the incident, Maun police Station Commander, Chenamo Orateng, explained that the woman had lived to tell her story and that she was recuperating at Letsholathebe Memorial hospital in Maun.

“The woman is said to have left home on Monday morning at around 10am, and when she did not return home other family members became worried. They came to report her as a missing person the following morning,” explained Orateng.

However by the time the police arrived in Tsutsubega she had already been found by some residents who had followed her screams into the bush.

Allegedly that morning, the woman saw the elephants as she walked through the bush and she followed them at a distance without realising that there was another one following the herd.

The elephant is said to have scooped her with the trunk and threw her far off into the thicket where she stayed put the rest of the night as the angry elephant circled around the area searching for her.

The woman is said to have stayed motionless the whole day and night until the elephant gave up the search.

The following morning she started screaming for help and she could not move due to the broken leg and the excruciating pain.

“She can talk and she explained to the police what happened,” added Orateng.


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