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BOCONGO and BB wage war against corruption



DONE DEAL: Sokwe and Moleele

Botswana Council of Non-Governmental Organisation (BOCONGO) and Business Botswana (BB) have agreed to join forces in the fight against rising incidents of corruption.

Speaking at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Friday, BOCONGO Executive Director Monametsi Sokwe expressed concern at the growing corruption trends in the country.

“I believe it is important for the private sector, civil societies, and the government, through the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crimes (DCEC) to fight and eliminate corruption. In addition, this agreement comprises of two aspects; we want to make use of the available resources within the civil societies so that it becomes sustainable and the second aspect is to fight corruption and economic crime, by exploring areas of common interest and models through this partnership,” he said.

Sokwe further said they are going to work together to strengthen and monitor potential illicit financial flows through direct funding of civil societies by different players hence safeguarding the impact of the corporate social responsibility.

For his part, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BB Norman Moleele said it was a historic moment to finally go into a partnership of this magnitude with BOCONGO.

“We are proud that we got into this agreement with BOCONGO and we are looking at kick-starting it as we are going to work very closely with them to address issues of mutual interest so that we can attain the objectives of the MOU,” he said.

Deputy Director-General of DCEC, Erica Ndlovu, commended the two parties for the partnership which she said would go a long way in combating corruption.

“As DCEC, we have an obligation to enhance involvement of stakeholders and building partnerships with them and we are privileged to be present for this initiative that will be signed by these two parties which is a milestone and their advocacy is going to be pivotal in fighting corruption in the country,” she said.


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