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Fighting for a revolution


Vee Slapped with P10, 000 charge for violating Covid protocols

“It takes a revolution to make a solution” are the famous lyrics of Reggae legend Bob Marley from his 1974 hit ‘Revolution’.

46 years later and the Jamaican’s song sprung to mind as I watched and covered local artists ‘fight’ for revolution.

Traffic came to a standstill at Broadhurst Police Station on Wednesday when veteran Kwaito Kwasa star, Odirile ‘Vee Mampeezy’ Sento was dramatically called in for questioning.

Roughly two hours after the pint-sized singer arrived on his own volition, a relaxed-looking Vee emerged from the station.

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However, things took an unexpected turn moments later when heavy-handed police officers forced the ‘Dumalana’ hit-maker back into the interrogation room.

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The two industry players who accompanied him found themselves handcuffed and unceremoniously marched back into the station.

The singer was later released, telling The Voice he and two others have been slapped with P10, 000 fines for violating Covid-19 protocols.

The trouble stems from Tuesday’s high profile ‘meeting’ in Old Naledi.

Although Vee was granted a permit to hold such a gathering, authorities insist the event broke Coronavirus prevention measures.

Vee, and other high profile artists including ATI and Franco, organised the protest in an attempt to persuade Government to ease the current Covid-19 restrictions placed upon the entertainment industry.

“This is not political. We are not politicians. We do not want to revolt but we will if pushed” are some of the ear-caching statements made at the meeting, which turned into a mini rally and a kiddies party.

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Consisting largely of primary school aged children, the Old Naledi crowd – which far exceeded the 50 person limit – were over the moon to see their favourite artists live for the first time this year.

The youngsters could not contain their little heads when Franco, Vee and ATI took to the stage. Indeed, half of the gathering seemed to have little interest in the artist’s message – they just wanted a performance.


On a more serious note, the stunt did not have the desired effect.

The Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Culture Development (MYSC) have condemned the actions.

“The blatant disregard of the Covid-19 health protocols is unacceptable and cannot be condemned,” reads a strongly worded press release from the Ministry, further noting Tuesday’s event “has the potential to defeat all the efforts and achievements we have realized thus far in the fight against the pandemic.”

The musicians, however, are unrelenting.

They are determined to forge ahead with their fight for a revolution. Bob Marley would be proud; but then again, he never lived in the ‘new normal’ and the era of Covid-19.

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