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Obzar the loud-mouthed, hard-hitting comedian from Maun



Obzar the loud-mouthed, hard-hitting comedian from Maun

Two years ago, social media users were introduced to a loud-mouthed, hard-hitting comedian from Maun going by the name Obzar Modidima BW.

The 32-year-old Omphile Johane is, however, not new to comedy.

In fact, he has been making people laugh for as long as he can remember.

His raw and uncut comedy is the stuff of legends.

Obzar, the Maun native doesn’t even have to try hard, making people laugh comes naturally to him.

When did you become a comedian?

I was born a comedian!

I didn’t go to school or read any special books to be able to make people laugh.

This is something I have been doing for a very long time although I only came out into the public through the help of social media just over two years ago.

Those who grew up in Maun, however, know who ‘Rokoro’ is.

I became popular in Maun many years ago, and now it’s time to venture out in the entire country and regionally.

Recently you have been engaged by different companies to do adverts for them. How’s that working out for you?

The corporate world has begun to take notice of my talents and this has helped to transform my life in a big way.

I’m now being paid for my talents.

Just like anyone who has an 8 to 5 job, I can also afford to take care of my family.

With over 198, 000 followers on social media, I think my brand has become attractive to a lot of companies.

I’ve worked with reputable organisations such as Mascom who have paid me well for the time and love I’ve invested in their products.

As Obzar, would you say that comedy a viable source of income in Botswana?

I’m a living testimony and there are others like me who are fully dependent on making people laugh.

We make people laugh and we earn a living out of it.

What is important is for one not to sit on their laurels.

People need new material, you have to be relevant and give your audience what they need.

As for me, I don’t have a problem with that.

I see it even in the way people react when they see me.

People come to ask for selfies.

I’ve been in Francistown for some time and I had a really good time.

I’ve made people cry with laughter in the streets of Francistown and that really warmed my heart.

Covid-19 has crippled the entertainment industry, leaving many artists destitute. How has the pandemic affected your craft?

I lost my girlfriend.

She bailed the moment I ran out of money!

I don’t blame her though, such is life.

But I can’t fold my arms and cry for spilled milk.

I have to put in the work and find ways of surviving during this difficult time.

We have a role to play as comedians.

People are depressed and we should play our role in ensuring that they at least have something to laugh about.


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